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iOvilus Test: Real or not?

Meh, you be the judge. It says Mira and Tina a lot. idk.

Ghost hunting iphone app ITC

Another ghost hunting app i have come across from the same guy who did iovilus Excellent App so give it a try and see what you think. Check out my other video ...

ITC SB7, iOvilus, K2 EMF Paranormal Activity My Room.

Webcam video from October 28, 2015 11:44 PM (UTC) ITC SB7 Session: My Room, my eyeball ball moved on its own, I wasn't near it, so was it poltergeist ...

Iovilus test (dutch)

Deze ipod/iphone app heb ik uitvoerig getest, met af en toe een woord op de juiste plaats ben ik niet echt overtuigd Ghosthunters Friesland.

Ghost Hunt App review for the iPhone

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Iphone Ghost Hunting Apps

A look at two Iphone Apps used for ghost hunting. In the video i mention a tool in the ghost hunter m2 app called FFT-V Instrument and says it detects low ...

Oh my god it's the ghost

so we were looking at music on noteflight and the scrollbar keeps mysteriously moving down by itself. we kept trying to move it to the top but the ghost continues ...

Review of the Paranormal+ Mobile App

"Paranormal State IPhone App" (Working App Or Piece Of Crap)

In this video Mike St. Clair of VIPER Paranormal tests the Paranormal State EMF/Trifield Meter App against some high EMF. When they don't have an EMF meter ...

Ghost Radar App Review

An updated review of the hit iPhone and iPod touch app, GhostRadar.

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