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iOvilus app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 6112 ratings )
Social Networking Entertainment
Developer: Digital Dowsing LLC
1.99 USD
Current version: iOV 2.1.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 16 Oct 2009
App size: 9.49 Mb

The iOvilus is based on the same method of

ITC communications as the highly controversial

The iOvilus produces speech based on

changes to sensors on the Iphone.

Simply the Idea is that an outside force

can effect a change and register a response.

Instrumental Trans Communications

ITC Is not new however the methods

used to try and achieve it are changing greatly.

The iOvilus is simple to use, start the app

Listen to what is said. Remember that the

Environment drives the output of iOvilus

Using a 2048 word dictionary to promote ITC


This device doesnt use random generators

For Questions or the History of this device

please go to

Pros and cons of iOvilus app for iPhone and iPad

iOvilus app good for

Just bought this 2 mins go with my friend! I asked it whos here it said angel,behind,safe and then my name Steven! No one calls me Steven lol not even my family Our hair just stood up!
Just used it for the first time and this is what it said...demon,possible,hurt,gate...I hope its generating random words!!! Lol!!
Ive done a lot of research on such an item. I wish I could get the real device but the websites state that the item is no longer made. I hope to obtain an Ovilus 2 when they are released. For now I will happily settle with this. The only problem I appear to have is I cant turn it from dictionary to the other method. Update please.
Can you please update though and for another app can you make a ghost box some how yousing white noise or scanning diffrent frequencies. but update please :) and add phonetic mode Please add phonetic mode
If youre looking for results you need this The only thing I can ask for this app Is a update for it To give it all the new modes digital dowsing gave the new one That would be nice ive been a paranormal investigator for very long time and I gotten quite a view results using this app.from afterlife investigations Muskoka on Facebook
I give this 5 stars for being the fakest thing out there. The disclaimer once you buy it says thats its for entertainment purposes only

Some bad moments

After a lot of research, I found you should not use this because you are dealing with forces that you should not be dealing with.
This is crap.. dont waste your money. Go out and buy an emf and ghost box if your interested in ghost hunting. Ghost Radar is a better app. Me of all people should have had success. My parents are dead and I communicate through evp. This is a scam.
There is no rhyme or reason to the words that come out. Needs perhaps a phonetic option instead of just dictionary.
It just spits out random words, they dont make any sense at all. Terrible.
It would be actually good if it would provide radio scans. It only uses random programmed words. Not worth the money. Also there has not been any updates in years.
I cant believe I fell for this. This app is complete crap. It says the same thing over and over again. I ask questions and it says stupid stuff like mop,moist. I asked about my father and it told me about a mop! DONT BUY IT, IT IS CRAP!!!!

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